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50 thoughts on “TIMETABLE

  1. hey is the thursday night class open to everyone and what level is it pleasee? desperately trying to gett back into dancing 😦

  2. Are your classes open this weekend on Sat. 9th Jan 10? I would like to bring my 7 year old son to your kids sessions on Saturday morning.

  3. Hi I’ve never took any dance lessons before but would like to take up street dance, which would be the best class for me?

  4. Hi I would just like to enguire about the vocal lessons on tuesday nights. Where are they held, what do I need and how much do they cost?

    Many thx

  5. Hi, I’ve been street dancing 3 times a week for about a year, would I be able to keep up with the advanced class on Saturdays?

  6. Hiya!
    I would like to ask about salsasize and rythemic salsa classes – can i just join or do i have to have experience in dancing as well, also do i need to bring partner with me? and for what age group are these classes?


  7. Helloo :),
    i was just wondering if it would be ok if me and a few friends started your class on thrusday & how much would it be?, we’ve been lookin for dance studios and only yours seems the best.

  8. hiya
    do you offer private break dance sessions or classes
    my brother currently attends one and i have heard about your school and would like to try him at yours.
    the one he currently attend have the class on one day then the next time its cancelled it is not consistant.


  9. hi,
    you came to my school today and i asked you about joining.
    Could i have some information about coming, we are 13years old.

  10. hello my names millie i love dancing im just confused whitch times and dates, I Would like to do tru street dancing 🙂

  11. Heyy, erm, Im interesting in starting here i’ll be 16 next week. i used to dance before but stopped. i havent been back to my class for about 8months because their too soft and id like to be pushed abit further in dance. however my confidence isnt too keen. i’d just like to know what streetdance classes are on during every week and the cost per session? thanks xx
    Rayanna x

  12. Hi I’m having a bit of a blonde moment lol but on the response to the comments it mentions a class on Saturday afternoon but I can’t seem to find that on the timetable?? My daughter is 11 and has been dancing for about a year, which class would you deem more suitable for her? thanks and sos for being a nuisance

  13. hey its shipa , i having been looking at your website and i was hoping to have a look this week but i am just wondering are you open this weekend as it is bank holiday weekend ? :S

  14. Hey 🙂 I’m 13 and i’ve been dancing since i was 3, twice a week but i’ve only done a little street… which class do you think I would work best in? I like to be pushed when dancing. Is there any chance i can come along and see what the lessons are like?
    Suppy x

  15. Hey can i just turn up to class? Im 23 and would love to come along or do i have to sign up? Thanks!

  16. hey ive just found your site and have to say love it so much im 22 and ive started a streetdance group and learning to choregraphy im taking a course in college and now im looking to attend your company what class will be the best for me to improve my choregraphy skills and would i be able to work alongside one of them once ive adapted my own rountine im stating out and im a natural dancer so been dancing all my life my main skill is freestyling just create a dance crew and need tips and pointers to help progress would love to get guardance form one of the chorgraphers thanks dean

  17. Hello is the street dance for adults still on this Saturday 7th of July. And if so how much is it?

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